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SPRING 9 :: BAND OF OUTSIDERS "Gods Of Happenstance / Shakin' All Over" ::

Release date / Fecha de edición: Available now / Disponible ya.
Recorded live at The Local 269, NYC, on June 5,2012.
Includes insert with notes & picture / Incluye insert con foto y notas. Numbered edition of 250 copies.
Castellano // Habituales de la escena del Max's Kansas City o el CBGB, Band Of Outsiders editaron un puñado de discos de lo que se ha definido como clásico “New York guitar pop". Ivan Kral (Patti Smith) les produjo sus primeras grabaciones, editadas en sendos maxis y mini-LPs. Su sonido seguía la estela de grupos como Television, con intensas canciones y una característica arquitectura de guitarras. Alcanzaron su cima creativa con el que a la postre fue su único LP, "Act Of Faith" (1986), y giraron por el Reino Unido y Francia. Se separaron en 1987, aunque se reunirían ocasionalmente para tocar en el CBGB, donde en noviembre de 1988 registraron un directo acompañados por Nikki Sudden y publicado posteriormente en el álbum "Armistice Day". En octubre de 2008 el grupo volvió a juntarse para participar en un show benéfico a favor de Laura Kennedy, bajista de la banda Bush Tetras. Desde entonces han seguido tocando y grabando nuevas canciones. A principios de 2012 editaron el sensacional EP "Sound Beach Quartet" y ahora aparece a través de Spring Recors el single "Gods Of Happenstance/Shakin' All Over", dos temas grabados en directo en junio de 2012 y que sirve de anticipo de su esperadísimo álbum de regreso, previsto para comienzos de 2013.

English // Band of Outsiders  were formed in New York City’s East Village in October 1980, and regularly played clubs in NYC and throughout the northeast for most of that decade. Ivan Kral produced recordings of the band, two of which were first released in 1984 on a shared album with Certain General called “Far Away in America”. These and other tracks were subsequently released in 1985 in the UK and Europe (on the band’s own “Everything Takes Forever” and “Up the River”). For the “Far Away” release the band, with Certain General, made its only tour of the US south and both groups’ first visit to the UK. In 1985 Band of Outsiders spent about half the year in the UK and Europe; especially in France, where they recorded as well as toured. The group broke up at the end of a European tour in May 1987. One-off reunion gigs were performed at CBGB; in November 1988 with guest appearance by Nikki Sudden (resulting in the live album “Armistice Day”), and April 1999 (as part of the club’s 25th anniversary celebration). In October 2008, the group reformed to play a special benefit show, to help raise medical expense money for Bush Tetras’ original bassist, Laura Kennedy. Since then they have continued playing, and begun writing/recording new music. In 2012 they released “Sound Beach Quartet” an internet only EP of 4 newly recorded songs.

Now Spring Records releases the vinyl only single "Gods Of Happenstance/Shakin' All Over", two songs recorded live in NYC in June 2012. The band will release their much anticipated new album in 2013.
Press quotes:

-- "intriguing songs and with some riveting psych guitar buzzing" ~ Downtown Music Gallery

-- "A twin guitar fest loaded with emotional ballads and sonic benders" ~ Kris Needs, Trax

-- "an ensnaring ambience" ~ Art Black, Trouser Press

-- “quintessential NY guitar group” ~ Bucketfull Of Brains

-- "atmospheric LES psychedelic garage legends" ~ Lucid Culture

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