lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

SPRING 15 :: BRONCO BULLFROG "Verity Mumbles / Michael Blessing Was Here"

Ya disponible / Available now.
Incluye insert / Includes insert. Limited edition of 250 copies.

English // After the band’s break-up in 2005, the second chapter of Bronco Bullfrog’s story began around three years ago, when Michael Poulson (guitar and vocals), Louis Comfort-Wiggett (bass and vocals) and Andy Morten (drums and vocals) reunited to attempt some recording after a seven year break.

The band has put the focus on writing and recording, and as they say “we’re best mates again and united in our pursuit of making pure pop records for our own amusement."

“Verity Mumbles / Michael Blessing Was Here”, recorded at State Records' legendary Sandgate Sound Studio before it was flooded, is their third single after releasing new 45s on State and Fruits de Mer, to great critical acclaim.

Picture by Gitte Morten.

Castellano // Tras la disolución del grupo en 2005, el segundo capítulo en la historia de Bronco Bullfrog comenzó hace tres años, cuando Michael Poulson (guitarra y voz), Louis Comfort-Wiggett (bajo y voz) y Andy Morten (batería y voz) se volvieron a juntar en el estudio de grabación tras siete años de parón.

El grupo se ha concentrado en escribir y grabar, y como ellos mismos dicen "somos grandes amigos de nuevo, y estamos unidos en nuestra misión de hacer puros discos pop para nuestra propia satisfacción".

“Verity Mumbles / Michael Blessing Was Here”, grabado en el legendario Sandgate Sound Studio de State Records, antes de que se inundase, es su tercer single, tras los editados por State Records y Fruits de Mer y que han entusiasmado por igual a la crítica y a sus viejos fans.

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

SPRING 16 :: THE SEE SEE "Song For Billy Nova / Featherman (Eat Lights Become Lights remix)"

Ya disponible / Available now.
Incluye insert / Includes insert. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Spanish// Poca introducción merecen ya los londinenses The See See; un buen puñado de singles (prácticamente todos agotados), innumerables conciertos (incluyendo varias visitas por aquí), y dos aclamados discos largos en cartera les avalan. Son sin lugar a dudas una de los mejoras y más interesantes propuestas de psych pop de la actualidad.
Como adelanto de su tercer LP, "Once, forever and again" que verá la luz a finales de octubre, Spring Records se enorgullece de presentar este single que contiene dos canciones que aparecerán en su nuevo álbum en versiones diferentes. "Song For Billy Nova" destila las mejores esencias del grupo, esas que nos recuerdan a unos Byrds tardíos o, sobre todo, a lo mejor de abanderados del Paisley Pop como Rain Parade. Por el otro lado, "Featherman", en una remezcla a cargo de Eat Lights Become Lights, nos recuerda a los Spacemen 3 de "Recurring" o, incluso, los Suicide de "Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne". Consíguelo aquí.

English // Another killer 7" by London's favorite psych pop purveyors The See See. Both songs are exclusive for the single, and are also featured on their upcoming and much anticipated 3rd album "Once, forever and again", albeit in diferrent versions.
"Song For Billy Nova" is a superb slice of bittersweet sunshine psych pop, layered with the bands' killer ear for a vocal harmony and echoing later era Byrds / Burritos and the 'Paisley Underground' sounds of the great Rain Parade and The Three O'Clock amongst others.
"Featherman", on the other side, in an exclusive remix by Eat Lights Become Lights, brings to mind "Recurring" era Spacemen 3 as well as Suicide's fave "Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne". Classic stuff.
Another wonderful addition to The See See cannon and released in a limited edition of 300 copies only. Sure to go real quick.... Buy it here!

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

SPRING 14: ROBERT COYNE & JEREMY GLUCK "Evelyn / We Will Fall Hard"

English // It may not be possible to prove empirically that talent is genetic, but equally it is no coincidence that Robert Coyne, the son of one of the most singular British artists of his era, demonstrates the same gift for prodigious originality as his renowned, revered father Kevin.
Born in 1969 in England, Robert Coyne grew up steeped in music and musicality, and by his teens was already playing in bands as a guitarist, but also as bass player, drummer and keyboardist. In addition to recording and touring extensively with his Father, Robert has also worked with Eric Burdon, The Barracudas, The Scientists, Amy Rigby, Wreckless Eric, Sky Saxon and the Flamin’ Groovies’ Chris Wilson, among many others, and in 2006 provided the soundtrack for the Edinburgh Film Festival Award-winning documentary 'The Great Happiness Space: Tale Of An Osaka Love Thief'. Largely self-written and self-performed, his music reflects diverse influences ranging from '50's vocal groups like the Paragons, Chimes, Sonics and Flamingos to '70's hard rock bands such as Bloodrock and Blue Oyster Cult, while also including analogue synthesiser sounds and treated guitar tones reminiscent of electronic music pioneers such as The Silver Apples, Giorgio Moroder and Chrome.
In 2009, following an approach from the Cologne-based Meyer Records, Coyne began to write new material with a stripped-down, acoustic setting in mind. This quickly generated the intimate, darkly humorous set of songs that comprise the album 'Woodland Conspiracy', released in 2010; a second Meyer Records LP was completed and released in Summer 2013.
Along with a resumption of recording and touring with The Barracudas, Jeremy Gluck's recent work features collaborations with Don Tyler (as SoftWorld), Bronwyn Bonney of Crime and the CIty Solution, Glasgow-based cellist Christine Hanson. He also collaborates with Bristol-based trio The Carbon Manual, whose singular ambient spoken word album “When I Am Memory” is on Flicknife Records. He has had songs covered by several artists including Lydia Lunch and Rowland S Howard. Jeremy Gluck’s presence on the underground electronic music circuit pre-dates the century by a few years. Prolific in releasing music and profligate in collaboration, he has worked with a diverse array of international artists, from the celebrated (Mick Harvey, Eric Debris, Dub Gabriel, Lola Dutronic, Brendon Moeller) to the almost unknown (Dave Fuglewicz), encompassing, sound art and poetry, spoken word – of which he has created a large body of work - ambient, experimental, soundscapes and electronica. Jeremy also worked with the late Marty Thau, whose Red Star Records stewarded Suicide's debut LP. His legacy cult album "I Knew Buffalo Bill" features Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks and Rowland S. Howard, all now passed; Jeremy appears in the celebrated documentary on Howard's life "Autoluminescent", premiered at the Melbourne Film Festival in summer 2011.