martes, 26 de junio de 2012

SPRING 8 :: THE SCRAPS "Play Misty Play / Amy In The Afternoon" ::

Release date / Fecha de edición: Available NOW!
Includes 4 page insert with notes & pictures / Incluye insert de 4 páginas con notas y fotos. Edition of 250 copies.

English: First official release of these long lost tracks by unsung psych pop L.A. semi-legends The Scraps, that includes members of The Psychedelic Cowboys and the H-Town Jukes. Featruing vocals by Bryan MacLean (LOVE)! The band formed in Los Angeles in 1988 and soon began playing shows around Los Angeles, including shows at Raji’s in Hollywood and the legendary Palomino club in North Hollywood where The Scraps shared the bill with many legendary acts, including Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Johnnie Johnson, the Ventures, and Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. In 1992, the band embarked upon a tour of Texas and the southwest, and began recording what would eventually be their only release. “No. One”, a self-produced cassette came out in 1993. This release led to an appearance on Good Night America, a syndicated nighttime television show, in 1994. The Scraps remained together, playing shows around the Los Angeles area, until they broke up in 1998. "Play Misty Play" features the great late Bryan MacLean on vocals. The band got to know Bryan through their mutual friend and producer, John Bird. Bassit John Harlan remembers how while “arranging "Misty", Bryan makes an entrance and says, "Yes, I can read the words". He then proceeds to the microphone and lays down his best Rodgers and Hammerstein. Brilliant!” After the band’s ultimate demise John Harlan went on to form the acclaimed Psychedelic Cowboys. Guitarist and vocalist Steven Gilbert now leads H-town Jukes out of Houston, Texas.

Castellano: Histórica recuperación de este grupo perdido de la escena de Los Angeles de finales de los 80 y primeros 90. En la cara A canta y hace coros Bryan MacLean (Love). The Scraps sólo llegaron a grabar una k7, de la que proceden estas canciones, exponentes del mejor jangly-psych-pop californiano. Eran habituales de clubes como los legendarios Raji’s en Hollywood y el Palomino en North Hollywood, donde además compartieron escenario con, entre otros, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Johnnie Johnson, the Ventures y Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. El grupo se separó en 1998, y John Harlan su bajista y vocalista formaría los alucinantes The Psychedelic Cowboys, que han editado dos esenciales discos de “cosmic american music”. Por su parte el guitarrista y cantante Steve Gilbert lidera los blueseros H-Town Jukes en Houston, Texas.

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